Famous Shakespeare Quotes

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. "

William Shakespeare


When I was at school and was forced to study a shakespare play every year as part of my english curriculum I hated it along with most of my peers. It was so hard to understand the lofty language and the plays just seemed so long and boring.

But as I have grown older I have gained a greater understanding and wider appreciation for the words of one of the greatest poets and authors ever to have lived, words of truth that I now want to share with you here with these selected quotes on famous Shakespeare quotes.com.

Shakespeare's works are painted with the image of the time in which he lived and breathed, a time of great divide between rich and poor, and a time of much sickness, with several deadly plagues spanning his lifetime. One such buobonic plague killing his only son Hamnet at the age of 11 years old. Thus, it was not an easy time to be alive and as the whole of william shakespeares life was covered with this cloud of death, so too does he give a voice to the extremes of life and death in his plays.

But this focus on the truth of human existence, however extreme, is one of the endearing qualities of shakespeares works. And indeed many quotes from Shakespeares plays have become famous.

He is quite simply one of the best story tellers the world has ever known and through the beauty of his language, we experience real characters from all walks of life who are suffering with universal issues transcending time and culture such as greed, ambition, vanity, sibling rivalry, love, mortality, sickness, marital distress, marital bliss, a passion for the paranormal, poverty, politics, wealth, humor, insults, happiness, envy, incest, interracial issues, condescending attitudes, murder. In the words of Terry W. Glaspey "His grasp of the human condition is perhaps unmatched in literature."

Shakespeare may appear long and boring to many, and people often struggle to understand the written english of his time, but to those lucky enough to be able to get beyond the loftyness of his prose gain from an appreciation of the intricacies of his stories, and the tenor of his dialogue.

"Shakespeare was as great a philosopher as he was a poet. That's what he set out to teach us in every line. His characters 'Leontes,' 'Othello,' 'Lear,' 'Prospero,' 'Brutus,' demonstrate the same thing: that a man's reason will try to bring infallible proofs to any notion that a person decides to take up. There's no shortcut and no way around it, the art of life takes a long time to learn."
Charlotte Mason

Try to read the famous shakespeare quotes on this website with an open mind - let the words seep into your soul and liven your heart with their eternal beat!

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